So many books to read, so little time. I desperately want to read both of these books right now. I was just reading a little background on “Islands in the Stream” by Ernest Hemmingway. It was published in 1970, posthumously, found by Mary Hemmingway amongst 332 other works left behind after his death. The book, which is divided into three separate books – actually contained a fourth called “The Old Man and the Sea”. Sound familiar? “The Old Man and the Sea” went on to become one of the novels that helped him earn the Nobel Prize in 1954.

This novel holds a special place for me because it is my husband’s favorite book of all time and he reads a lot and well – so that is saying something. I am anxious to find out what he loves so much about it.

We finished reading “The Girl Who Played With Fire” by Stieg Larssen a few weeks ago and will be discussing it at book club next Saturday night. I’m looking forward to that discussion. I love the book and I have this theory that Stieg did not die of natural causes but was murdered for uncovering some ugly truths – not unlike the characters he created. I cannot wait for the final of the trilogy to be released next month.

Until then – I’m off to read “Islands in the Stream”.